Modular furniture

Modular furniture has gained a lot of popularity in past few years and for a good reason.

It is fast, cheap and good looking.

However, due to the cut-throat competition, some vendors have started compromising on the quality of material used to build the furniture.

We, at TOP INTERIORS (MUMBAI), do not compromise on the quality at all. Be it the plywood used to make the furniture or the hardware used for the same.

Give us a call and we will give you a quotation for your requirement in less than 24 hours.

Build your nest, one twig at a time

How do you build a beautiful home?

It requires knowledge across several skills and it is a complicated engineering project.

There are several tasks to manage, such as conceptualizing the design, converting the concept to engineering drawings and executing the project while keeping it under the assigned budget.

In Mumbai, especially because property rates are so high, not everyone can afford getting lavish interiors done for their property. Also, space is also an issue. Which is why you need an interior designer that creates a good looking design considering space and budget in mind.

We can provide you with all the necessary knowledge and guidance that you need to build your dream home.

All interior services in mumbai under one roof

interior design in borivali

all interior design services under one roof

We provide services like plumbing, electrical work, civil work, carpentry work, POP false ceiling work, painting and polishing work all under one roof.

One point of contact for all interior related jobs. We also provide design consultancy and assist you in selecting materials and procuring furniture and decor.

We are currently based in Borivali and Andheri.

We take up all projects of interior design in mumbai, commercial as well as residential.

Contact us on 7021.52.48.52 for a free site-visit, floor plan and budget estimation.